Meet Min. A smarter web browser.

With website advertisements continuing to grow in popularity for sites looking to increase revenue, it can mean a not-so-fun experience for website users. But with these issues in mind, creators are starting to look at ways to engage users without being trapped to support features that users find less-than-appealing. Enter Min, a new web browser that’s reshaping our online experience.

Min, a GitHub sourced web browser, is seeking to fill the need for a user-friendly experience with minimal interruption from ads. The web browser includes built-in ad blocking, so no worries on figuring out how to transfer over your favorite ad-blocking extensions. The search engine feature is also top-notch, as it’s installed right into the search bar and answers questions immediately. Min utilizies search engine DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia entries – even the bookmarks you save become searchable.

Min is also incorporating easier tab navigation and utilizing less battery power to ensure that users get the most out of the experience. What’s especially interesting about the project is that it’s coded entirely through CSS and JavaScript, and is open-source software available on GitHub.

Already heralded by various users as a “smarter, faster web browser experience” Min could possibly rival Safari and Google Chrome. Indeed, its minimalistic design and user-friendly interface can help it become a competitive rival to already-existing browsers on the market. As it gains popularity, we shall see how this small product rivals the big names of Internet browsing.